Know when your squad is free

Yime is an app that lets you know when your friends are free and share when you are going to be free this week. Think of reverse Google Calendar. This helps when making plans. With varying job schedules, different classes schedule, and more than ever people working remotely this is a one stop "Free time calendar" you can share with your friends.

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Hey everyone, I made this out of my own frustration. I couldn't keep track of when my friends are free to hangout. I'm still adding new features and refining current ones. I'm excited to see what other needs a free time calendar can be used for. Leave a comment if you like it or not and how do you plan to use it.
Igityan Hayarpy
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like the idea hope it will unite me and my friends
Very cool concept; could be a no brainer acquisition for fb if executed correctly...thinking app connected to fb messenger with option to for user to put status as “available to hang out”
Great idea
Alya OmarRadivision
Cool cool! How is this different from whenisgood?
@alyaomar that's more like calendly as you share open times and people coming to event select time they wanna pick, sort of like get an appointment. Whereas, Yime is simply sharing your free time schedule, one sided and private.
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