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I always get emails from companies asking me for feedback and giving me a link to fill out their survey. I dunno about you guys, but I find it very annoying to goto an external site to fill out a long survey and I never click those links. Because of this, I imagine the completion rate must be very low. So a few buddies and I decided to solve that problem by building a tool that allows you to embed surveys in emails or blog posts so your customers can respond with one click with instant tracking and analytics. You can literally embed on any platform and it'll blend in. With this companies are getting higher click through rates and instant feedbacks right away.
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wilsonpeng8 This is awesome product/concept! Seems simple but effective for emails, intercom messages. I'll have to give this a spin.
@hackapreneur thanks Justin!!
Awesome concept! I'm tired of getting these cold requests from companies to spend 30+ minutes filling out a survey with a bunch of boring questions. It just doesn't make me feel like the company values my time which lowers my brand affinity. Just ask me 1 simple question and give me the option to follow up with a comment. Then ask another question once a week. That type of flow would make me feel more valued as a customer because it feels like the company cares about my input and my time. Good luck @lenndizzle, @ajpocus and @wilsonpeng8!
I've known Wilson for quite some time and have been fortunate enough to meet his co-founder Lenny as well via intercom. He's a sales leader, serial entrepreneur, and I'm very excited to see this tool evolve over the next few months. I've already relayed feedback to Lenny and they're 100% receptive and set on making this the next best tool out there. I've already used it 3 times, with 100% success. Additionally, it will allow me to get better at sales and also make me look good to my VP of Sales & CEO as well. Highly recommend.
@m1lesv We love feedback and Miles gives a lot of it! Thanks so much for the support! :)
@m1lesv miles you rock thanks!
Lots of competition in this space - what differentiates this from the rest?
@bentossell Thanks for commenting! This isn't my first product in the customer feedback space, and I think the main difference between YesInsights and the rest is that we make it as easy as possible for customers to share their thoughts. When you use an email marketing service like Mailchimp, respondents don't even have to type in their email address! Compared to a survey you'd get at, say, Walgreens, where you're answering question after question, YesInsights is like a breath of fresh air.
@ajpocus Yeah I agree, I never want to fill out surveys via email or anything. But I think I've seen quite a few companies making simple feedback tools, like myeffecto and plot are a couple I can think of
@bentossell ah, fair enough. Nothing wrong with a little competition. I think we'll top our competitors in a few ways: we capture email addresses without any user input, we're eating our own dog food from the start, and ultimately, I believe our analysis and visualizations will set us apart. We have a top-notch designer, and we're paying close attention to what our customers tell us.
@ajpocus nope nothing wrong with it at all - was just wondering your plan of attack in a competitive space :)
@bentossell right :) it's good to think about. Thanks for your questions!