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Thank you @hnshah – We’re excited to roll out Workflow today. With Loom, you can now record and watch videos inline on some of your favorite sites. Here are some of the integrations we’re releasing today: • Asana • Basecamp • Confluence • Dropbox • Github • Gitlab • Google Docs • Hacker News • Intercom • Invision • JIRA • Product Hunt ✌🏻😻 (download the extension to see Loom videos on this thread!) • Salesforce • SalesforceIQ • Trello If you don't have the Loom extension, you can get it here: Let us know if you have any questions!
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@_shahedk looking great, excited to give this a try (again) with the new features. Are the integrations live yet? When I look in my account / integrations I see them all listed and in the "on" state, but don't see anyway to configure them. For example, I assume(?) the dropbox integration lets me save videos there? ( "Reinventing teamwork just got a little easier with quick videos" is the only description I see for Dropbox integration, so I'm just guessing here). Where do I go to config Loom to use my Dropbox account? UPDATE: Based on videos I found for some of the other integrations, it looks like my assumption on what the DropBox integration did was probably wrong. Looks like it is probably an inline embed button, not the ability to store videos in DB?
@_shahedk @edholloway It would be great to get clarity on this. Loom looks great and I'm looking for a video recording tool that *doesn't* auto-upload videos to their own cloud ( at least for some ), but let's us save them automatically to a local folder ( or cloud folder of our choosing - e.g. Dropbox ) For NDA reasons and whatnot
Loom has made it super duper easy to watch their quick videos while using your favorite productivity tools. I love it when a freemium product gets easier to use!
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@hnshah P.S. to those who don't have the Loom extension, you'll be able to watch this video inline once you add it for Chrome.
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@joethomas_x @hnshah .....viewed link ...30 secs of the end
@joethomas_x @hnshah Hey. <3 Loom -- but wondering: Is there much of a difference here from copying and pasting the URL in? I tested in Asana. Clicking the "Record Video" button just directs you to the normal Loom /Chrome workflow. Not much "there" there? IDK.. and then hitting tiny dots menu opens "Last Recording" -- but I could easily copy/paste that if I just did a recording - and then "My Videos" could be a cool feature but at least in Asana the message box is so tiny that it's hard to tell which video you are choosing... right? Maybe better UX with other integrations? Of course I used a quick Loom to show my UX :) --- Loom is super cool. I'm spreading the word... just not sure yet what the "aha" moment is of this new Workflows integration... Would love someone to share their "aha" that goes beyond saving a couple secs to copy/paste a link. Thx guys
@loganhale a usable UX would go a long to communicating the value of the Loom Hint for quick access to your videos. In places like GitHub and Trello where the experience is smoother the value is there. We're of the opinion that shaving off seconds, which is only the time frame if you keep your Loom My Videos page open at all time for quick reference, that the Hint shaves over more like 30-60 seconds. Admittedly, this is not "aha" moment inspiring right off the bat, but if taken in aggregate for our power users recording and sharing 10 videos a day, those savings will creep up on you. As for the Record Video flow, it's just a simple reminder that quick videos are available to you. Takes some people a bit to get to the tipping point of understanding how to integrate into their communication flow and the Loom Hint is there to be a gentle reminder 😉 we're working right now to fix that flow on Asana. Give us a few days to get that out to you!
Awesome stuff guys! Really nice integrations. Btw, any thoughts on using the Loom extension to record videos for education / marketing purposes to be distributed to customers, partners etc. Could work great for that purpose too.
@sampo_parkkinen Absolutely! You should check out this HubSpot page that has a Loom video integrated. There are plenty of other companies using the Embed code provided with every Loom video to integrate the videos into their education and marketing landing pages!
Sweet! Communicating in all these channels just got a whole lot easier.
@kunalslab Hope you like it! Feel free to suggest any new integrations that can help your workflow here: 👍
Love the design! Super Dope🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr super thanks! Let us know if you have any feedback 😃