Personal crowdfunding platform built on the Blockchain

Socially driven, pay it forward crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain. You can only create a campaign after you’ve already helped others, generating a virtuous loop of giving that will echo around the world.

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Very interesting idea. Time to start think about my wishes :)
Wow! Crowdfound... cool. What’s release date?
@artweb_io it's already working in beta, you can use it right now. Some minor bugs may be there, though.
Awesome 'pay it forward' model

Looks solid. Hopefully, the project will expand crowdfunding industry even more.


Efficient Pay it forward strategy. This will be a blast if executed right.


We need a verified transparent system with all the data on the blockchain,

Looks curious! What do the karma points do? Are they also stored on the blockchain (yay!)?
@zelena Karma indicates how did you help others before and how much can you raise. It's not stored on the blockchain yet, but on the next version it will be! That's the plan 😉