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The best alternatives to whirl.com are Indiegogo, Hypto, and Akemona. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to whirl.com
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  • Indiegogo is where early adopters and innovation seekers find lively, imaginative tech before it hits the mainstream.

  • Collect Colossal Content. Hypto.io takes NFT collection beyond the digital art space and allows its users to collect HUGE moments in internet history from an exclusive network of creators and influencers.

  • Akemona, a pioneer in digital securities, is focused on one goal: To revolutionize capital markets through the introduction of digital securities. Starting from this principle, Akemona has developed a digital s...

  • Funduf is a tool that helps you start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove demand for any kind of product before you spend time on it

  • Crowdfunding service for community-minded projects

  • Reportedly.co is a platform for sharing updates across your investors, advisors, and team. Reportedly is completely free (and we'll always offer a free plan).

  • Discover/ fund projects and causes you love on Indiegogo.

  • Ransom lets creators make extra money by crowdfunding the release of their work. Once the work's unlocked by anyone, it's available for everyone. Even if they didn't donate. It's a new way to monetise your work...

  • MOONEY - is social crowdfunding app, where users pay (fund) with their time watching ads. You can propose your own social projects or support existing ones.