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The goal for our All New Page Builder is to make it super easy to customize your own Registration and Thank You pages for your webinars. Set a custom template as default and use it automatically for every webinar you run.

  • Stefano Messori
    Stefano MessoriDesign Strategist - Online Trainer

    Editable templates, possible to save and re-use customised templates, upload your images, a pleasure to use.


    Would like more templates - I'm greedy :0

    I'm experiencing a minor 'design' issue on mobile but I believe it will be sorted shortly.

    Stefano Messori has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    When it comes to webinars, it works. Other solutions don't do as well.


    Still dreaming of embedding the webinars on my site pages.

    We find the staff to be very responsive and the product very friendly and featured.

    John Farrar has used this product for one year.
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Iz@elbahnasy · Founder Gathercustomers.com
Congrats Omar, that's super cool. This would have been a feature that I would request as a WN user. And even my attendees have pointed out that they wanted more information on the webinar pages!
Omar Zenhom
Omar ZenhomMaker@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
@elbahnasy Your wish is our command 🧞‍♂️ Thanks for the support Iz!
Rob Witty
Rob Witty@rob_witty
Appreciate the tenacity of Omar and the team to keep developing the Webinar Ninja platform. All the latest updates have created one of the industries most exciting and powerful webinar software systems. Simple to use, Everything is included. Thank You
Omar Zenhom
Omar ZenhomMaker@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
@rob_witty Thank you Rob. This means the world to me and the team!
Omar Zenhom
Omar ZenhomMaker@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
“EVERYONE HAS A PLAN UNTIL THEY GET PUNCHED IN THE MOUTH.” - Mike Tyson. Iron Mike was right, y'all. We had a plan for WebinarNinja’s registration pages when we launched…until we got punched in the mouth with feedback from customers. We initially released WebinarNinja 5.0 with a very clean and simple registration page with very minimal editing options. We wanted things to be easy and simple. We were wrong, It was too simple. Users wanted customization. Pow! Right in the kisser! My team and I faced the fact we got it wrong. We needed to work on improving our registration pages without over complicating it. Provide more customization without causing overwhelm. Six months later, we created WebinarNinja’s Page Builder. An easy way to customize and create your own registration and thank you page templates. Here are just some of the highlights: 👉 Add, edit and remove text, images, bullet points, feature areas and from your page templates. 👉 Live edit & preview. See exactly the way your page will look even before you save changes. 👉 Edit and create your own thank you pages too 👉 Upload your own images 👉 "DETAILED"- The name of our all all-new registration template. This template allows you to add more information about your webinar, including adding bullet points, a host bio area and more. 👉 Add webinar specific info with handy tags like Webinar Title, Date, Webinar Type and more. 👉 Change your color overlay so your titles can pop 👉 Save as. Create and save templates as your own and add them to your library 👉 All new media library to manage your templates and images “Omar, did you say six months? Why did it take you so long?” Good question, fictional avid product hunter. We found out it takes A LOT of time to plan and create a live editor page builder that is intuitive. We also needed to adjust any registration or thank you page users create to the type of webinar they are running. Live webinars are easy but Automated ones need a date selector and need to forward to the next available date. Series webinars need to show all the sessions in the series. This also needed plenty of QA for backward compatibility- Fun stuff! I’m so very proud of our team. We took a punch, learned from it and are stronger because it. Let me know if you have any questions- happy to answer them.
Stefano Messori
Stefano Messori@stefanothinking · Design Strategist - Online Trainer
A long time Webinar Ninja fan here! This has been the most wanted updated from most users. I was checking in with the responsive support team on a regular basis (I hope they still love me) to see if this was released before Christmas and it did... Thanks for the gift folks! Ok, I have played with it and works great indeed. I've experienced a minor issue on my mobile some elements (boxes) need some adjustment but this is understandable, and I'm sure it will be sorted a ninja speed! I'm impressed with the work that Omar and its team are putting in WN and I'm looking forward now for the next biggie which is, for me the creator page, giving my subscriber an idea of upcoming webinars. Great journey 😉 Happy Christmas to all Ninjas around the world!
Omar Zenhom
Omar ZenhomMaker@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
@stefanothinking Thanks Stefano for your feedback!!!! So glad we were able to get this update to you before Christmas 😃 We are are going to make those adjustments today to the mobile elements. And yes Creator Pages are on their way. Can't wait!!! 😅
Eyal Reich
Eyal Reich@eyalreich · Co-founder and COO of StoreYa
Congrats, Omar! Out of curiosity, what was the most challenging thing in designing the new page builder?
Omar Zenhom
Omar ZenhomMaker@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
@eyalreich Great question! People want options but at the same time, we found through our 100's of split testing the best converting registration pages have all the important AIDA elements before the fold. So we had to design the page builder to have all the AIDA elements to be up top and any other info below the fold (host bio, bullet points, extra info). I explain how implemented the AIDA formula in the pages while offering customization in our latest blog post: https://webinarninja.com/create-... Also, being flexible. We learned not all designs translate perfectly from PSD to live UX. We had to make adjustments to make sure the designs work in every scenario for every webinar type (Live, Automated, Series, Hybrid). Such a learning experience!