Watsi Life-Saving API

Give back automatically based on your customer's actions

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Excited to introduce this today! The Watsi Segment integration makes it easy for companies to automatically send a Watsi gift card to their customers when they take a specific action in their app. This is the first time we're opening up Watsi's API to everyone, and the first integration of its kind on Segment (who've been longtime supporters of Watsi). New Relic, Zenefits, and Creative Market have already signed up to use the integration as an inspiring way to encourage new sign ups, thank users for referring friends, and delight customers when they reach certain successful states. Would love to hear feedback, questions, and creative ideas for how to use this thing!
@gracegarey Many thanks to Watsi for partnering with us to make this integration possible! I can't wait to see how our customers use this to delight their customers. I set it up for Segment in literally 5 minutes. My favorite thing about Watsi is that you can see exactly where your dollars are going. They aren't nebulous "projects." They are people. You can see them! And, Watsi keeps you posted on their progress. When you have a few dollars to share, Watsi is definitely the place to go. :)
@dianahsmith @gracegarey This is awesome, can't wait to try it out.
Awesome integration! We're looking into how we can use this at Creative Market.
This is a great integration. We could integrate this as well into our system, happy to chat about options
so cool! would love to hear about how people are using this Segment integration. I'm sure there are a handful of creative ways to make donating easier.
@benhoffman_ Hey Ben! We're currently giving gift cards to certain folks that complete an NPS survey. New Relic plans to include it as a delightful part of their lifecycle marketing. Zenefits plans to use it to thank customers who refer a friend. Creative Market plans to share gift cards when customers buy a large bundle!
@gracegarey I must say, this is f'ing awesome. I love love the possibilities around making charitable donations as added incentives for actions customers take.
Thanks @drewmeyers! We're excited about the possibilities too. Let us know if you have any ideas you'd like to try :)
@gracegarey Check your twitter @ replies.. would love to chat. We can do it some other day/time when you have a bit more free time :)