A new take on website analytics

Volument is a new take on website analytics that focuses solely on conversion optimization — the fine art of getting more leads, users, virality, and paying customers. You cannot get this data anywhere else.
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Looks like a perfect blend between GA & Crazy Egg. Definitely uncovers some great new insights. Looking forward to trialling this out 👍
Our team built this thing over the past few years after realising that the current analytics simply cannot tell how our visitors behave and convert. We wanted to measure the classic "AIDA funnel" (awareness -> interest -> desire -> action) that all the marketing books and growth essayist rave about, but which was completely ignored by analytics. We have implemented this together with a couple of customers and it is now ready for the public eye.
Great idea. I love it. I have some plans for monetizing my news website, try to follow some ideas form https://light-it.net/blog/top-fi... and hope to succeed. I would have never even thought that it can be so challenging