Visual Inspector On-site

Collaborate websites feedback like a Google doc


Install Visual-Inspector in your site for collaborating your website feedback

just just like on Google docs.

Save hundreds of productive hours every week with:

- Visual editor to make changes. ( No coding required.)

- Works on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge

- No Chrome extension required.

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But it's a great Product :)


Good To Visualize Before downloading a template


Adding new elements is still in there radmap

Digital Marketing Strategist

so just edit it in visual inspector .. next copy code in themes ..

violaa !! can change as I want ..


And this is easy and fast!

plus this can be collaborative if you are an agency ..

and can display changes that occur using annonate in every part you want to review to clients



very easy to edit css, especially like me who do not understand at all about css and html ..


if a beginner like me, I have not found it yet


has possibilities. but actually using it was very frustrating unless all you're looking for is option to change text on pages. So yes useful, collaboration sounds useful, but very limited in what it can do right now.


ability to edit text make minor changes to elements appearance


can't change element appearances on boxes, backgrounds. selection of elements are unclear.

Co-founder & CEO,
Hey @timegoal, You CAN change element appearances on boxes, background etc with Visual Inspector. Would love to understand more about your expectations here and improve Visual Inspector. Thanks for feedback. Cheers!
Software Engineer @ Moosend

Sames you so much time with collaboration, modification, etc. It's a must for any web designer or SEO.


works like a charm


none that I can see

Sales Analyst

This is a tool which enables the designers to edit the css and communicate with the Development team exactly what they are expecting. The tool also always you to collaborate and save the changes made by you. I have personally used it during testing of a website. I recommend it as a very handy tool for those who struggle with the development team.


A seamless tool to make changes to css and collaborate with dev team.


If it had a vertical grid system just like Zaplin and Sketch.