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Let me ask you something:

- Are you a UI designers, copy or product manager?

- Do you struggle to collaborate product copy over email , document & spreadsheet?

Imagine, if you could just:

- Share your artboards to cloud,

- Invite copy guys to edit, discuss and finalize and,

- Get latest copy locally in sketch file.

Yeah, that's Scribble!!

  • Nitish Vashistha
    Nitish VashisthaProduct Designer

    Helps save lot of back and forth between content-design and hence saves a lot of time.


    Might not be useful for teams that are really small where the content-design is not clearly distinct.

    Super-helpful in coordinating between the content and design teams.

    Now we can simply invite the content team and they can keep on experimenting and iterating in the design itself which just makes the design more inclusive and doesn't need the designer to make these changes. That saves a lot of time for us as a design team.

    Also, since it promotes a process, where the content team has the ownership of making any content changes in the design itself, it eliminates those embarrassing copy/content errors.

    Nitish Vashistha has used this product for one month.
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  • Dushyant Arora
    Dushyant AroraUX & Service Designer

    Saved tons of hours!


    Nothing as of now!

    Must experience if you care about copy and plan to save hours doing serious design rather than spending time on copy changes!

    Dushyant Arora has used this product for one day.
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vipul mishra
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip ยท Co-founder & CEO,
Hey @kwdinc, thanks for the hunt! Hello hunters, it's we again - @vm4canvasflip & @mj_canvasflip - from CanvasFlip Squad. First of all, thanks for all the love to CanvasFlip Visual Inspector . โค๏ธ We are bringing Visual Inspector inside popular design tools so that you finalize UI copy in minutes instead of wasting hours in email, messaging, document & spreadsheet. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ‘ We have tried our best to make it simple & intuitive and excited to hear how would you like us to improve it - so go ahead, get your free account and give it a swing. As of now, Scribble works with Sketch and just between me, you & thousands of other hunters, integrations with XD & Invision Studio is right around the corner ( drop a comment to get in beta.) For anything else, I'm going to be sitting in comment section for rest of the day. Cheers! Vipul, Manish & Entire CanvasFlip Team P.S. Your first 2 weeks is on us and if you wish to continue, you'll get 40% DISCOUNT on monthly plans.
Rakesh Mondal
Rakesh Mondal@_rakeshmondal ยท UX Designer
Looks promising. It will solve the fight between copy and designer ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽจ
vipul mishra
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip ยท Co-founder & CEO,
@_rakeshmondal Thank you sooo much.. coming from you, it's a big validation..
Abhishek Madhavan
Abhishek Madhavan@abhishekmadhavn ยท Marketing @freshdesk, ex @crowdfire
Just the tool I needed - CanvasFlip is a life-saver as usual!
vipul mishra
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip ยท Co-founder & CEO,
@abhishekmadhavn Thanks a lot. Glad Scribble could save your time.. ๐Ÿ˜บ
Manan Shah
Manan Shah@mananshah212 ยท Hustler, @recruiterflow
This looks like a life saver! Great work folks.
vipul mishra
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip ยท Co-founder & CEO,
Thanks @mananshah212 !! Your support and kind words means a lot to us.. ๐Ÿ˜„
Sridhar Rajendran
Sridhar Rajendran@sridharajendran ยท UX Designer, Blogger.
I love this app. I used it when it was in Beta and found it quite useful to collaborate with copywriters and designers.
vipul mishra
vipul mishraMakerHiring@vm4canvasflip ยท Co-founder & CEO,
It's been amazing to have you in the beta @sridharajendran.. Thanks for putting a word for Scribble.