UXPin (Redesigned)

The design collaboration tool, completely redesigned.

The folks at UXPin completely redesigned the app to focus on collaboration between designers and non-designers. Great updates and worth checking out for any one working on designing things.
@hnshah Amazing! We're big fans of UXPin. Looking good!
I've been using UXpin for almost 3 years now and the product kept on getting better. They now reached a point where I'm even designing in my browser more often than in Sketch or photoshop. The redesign is just wonderful, their Ebooks rocks, the support is awesome... In others worlds, watch this company carefully, they have not even started yet!
A modern design platform for the new enterprise. Love it!
I like UX Pin a lot. I could see this replacing Balsamiq for me in my design process, but my org/department shies away from subscriptions for software. Wish there was another license option. Also, love your blog!
@tsanzer Yeah its expensive, advanced interactions and photoshop/sketch are extra!. Basic and Pro should be merged. $313 per year for pro..
Looks great! And outside the product itself, their blog seems to be a great resource for all things UX