happening to me too :(
@victoryfoxtrot Sorry about that! Something weird happened when we were making server tweaks last week. Should be all fixed now.
Just a heads up for everyone, this e-book mainly contains website design trends and not mobile app design trends. Also, having to give your phone number in order to get the e-book seems a bit weird.
Hey everyone, This guide doesn't just explain the trends, but also examines how to apply them to your own work. Our team analyzed 71 examples from companies like Waze, Tinder, Nest, Lookout, Vine, Hulu, and others. As always, the guide focuses on real-world application instead of just theory or eye candy. Take a look, and let me know what you think!
I filled the form, they promised to send the pdf to my mail. I've received nothing. It's bogus.
@tugrul_erturk Hey Tugrul, sorry to hear that happened. Sometimes it ends up in the spam folder - did you search your inbox for "UXPin"? If you still haven't gotten it, let me know your email and I'll personally send it over.
@jerrycao_uxpin It ended up in spam folder. Received it in the end, thank you.
This is just what i needed. Thanks :)