Friction free feedback and screen caps from your users

Userback makes it super easy for users to send feedback and annotated screenshots of your website/app with 5 lines of Javascript - no browser extension!

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Thanks so much for the shout out Tim! Lee (our other co-founder) and I had a vision in 2013 of a customer feedback product that could be made accessible to web designers, developers and marketers without the high costs usually associated with feedback tools. We started building a very basic widget and as time passed and life got in the way, we almost ceased productivity. Well, in January 2016, we hopped back on the development path and today have a customer feedback product that we’re extremely proud of and provides value to 1000's designers around the world. Having worked directly alongside a marketing department and managing website content, the ongoing iteration and feedback process was always difficult. I take notes, I sit with the Marketing Manager, I point at the screen, she updates stuff. Rinse and repeat. Userback has revolutionised this process for me and makes collecting visual feedback fun and easy. It is integrated with popular apps and we’re already starting to add more. Users have the choice of installing a chrome extension or installing the widget directly to their web project or website and will work on your dev hosts, images and even PDF’s. The thing I love about Userback is that even if you don’t have a web project to collect feedback on you can still use it. I’ve been using Userback as a mood board, I have the extension installed and anything I like on websites I visit, I use Userback to circle what I like, make a comment as a reminder and the screenshot is collected inside my Userback account. We would absolutely love to hear what you all think about Userback and we are very much looking forward to your questions and suggestions. Cheers, Jon
Wow, thanks so much for the sharing Tim, and Jon for your good summary of our journey. I’m going to be a little “technical” here. Having been working in the web development industry for 13+ years, I (and most of you) always have a dream to build an application from the ground up where I get to use the latest web technologies as well as making the UI/UX “pixel perfect”. This is how I started Userback. After the prototype was built, the feedback we received from our early adopters went beyond my expectations, which made me rethink about what Userback could be in the future. Jon and I started having hundreds of conversations around what new features to implement, how we could help businesses solve their pain points...etc. About 12 months later, Userback became not only a developer/designer focused feedback tool but also a platform where project managers, saas product owners, web agencies collaborate with their customers and clients. Because of the rapid growth in the first 2 years and the limited resource we had, we started noticing that most of the new features all worked great but required knowledge of knowing how to set them up and therefore led to a poor UX for our customers, especially new sign-ups. We decided to fix the problem. After unforgettable 4 ~ 6 months of refactoring the codebase and redesigning the user interface with our new product designer PK, Userback 2.0 was born in early 2018. At the time of writing, Userback is already being used by many large SaaS products that collect 1000+ feedback directly from their users every day and small/medium web agencies who save hundreds of hours of not having to go back and forth with their clients. The excitement of seeing every new customer come onboard and solve their daily business problems still persist in my heart and will never fade away. Me, personally as a web developer (JavaScript Ninja, CSS Artist), making the best web application is in my DNA. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Userback and keep improving it. Cheers, Lee
I've been a Userback user for around a year, after having tried Usersnap,, and others. What I love about Userback: * Easy for users to annotate and comment on different parts of the page in one go. No more pain for your users in having to manually screenshot, paste into an email, and try to describe (poorly) whatever it is they want to share with you. More likely your users will provide you feedback now, and that the feedback will make sense and you can act on it a lot more easily. * Responsive customer support - I "demanded" 😉 enhancements to the JS API and the widget presentation, and Jonathan and team did them! * I had an issue capturing WebGL enabled Canvas DOM elements, and they researched the problem and provided recommendations that fixed the problem so screen captures were complete, during the weekend! Other feedback tools need browser extensions to capture non straight forward screens, great for complex web apps. * Crazy value for money compared to the alternatives and their pricing. * Includes the expected choices of integrations to push feedback into Trello, Basecamp etc, and webhook support for fallback for everything else. We built own Asana flow using Integromat It's got a 4.6 Satisfaction rating on G2 Crowd, one of the highest. **For a limited time there is an AppSumo deal available** $49 for lifetime Corporate plan - usually $59/month

Most full featured and best value for money feedback capture tool I've found


Powerful screen cap and annotation engine for making it easier to provide visual feedback


Out of the box Asana integration

Very good