Unite for macOS

Turn websites into native apps on your Mac.

Unite for macOS allows you to turn websites into apps on your Mac. Each Unite app is a custom-built fast and modern browser, allowing for separate storage and settings between apps.

Unite has a number of other tricks as well, including:

- Status Bar Apps

- Floating and Desktop Modes

- Notifications and Badges (Gmail and Facebook at launch)

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Poorly executed. Simply look at Fluid App for how to do it, and do something better. The lack of control over sizing of the menu bar window is limiting.
@timshnaider I think you are talking about the size of status bar apps, which can be resized by dragging the circle on the bottom left of the window.
@bzg0515 Thanks. I did see that and click it, not realising it was click and drag. A bit more useful now. Working global hotkey to toggle show/hide as window or from menu bar would be magic, no matter what shortcut I specify nothing happens.
@timshnaider Interesting. Will investigate.
Howdy Product Hunt!, We're really excited to be launching Unite, our first new app in over four years. Unite allows macOS users to turn websites into app on their Mac. It does so via a custom-built web browser that features modern technologies, while keeping apps under 10MB to optimize space. Additionally, Unite apps support status bar, floating, and desktop modes, notification and status bar support for supported websites (Facebook and Gmail at launch), and much more. We've been working on Unite for over a year and we really hope you enjoy the initial release. Feel free to voice any criticisms or requests, we want to make Unite as great as possible. Here are five free licenses up-for-grabs just for Product Hunt users, all we ask is that you up-vote if you enjoy the app and let us know what you think if you use one: id742228951305uks id593825730402uks id119624411594uks id801169383805uks id647912924038uks edit: Here's a download link: https://dl.devmate.com/com.BZG.U... . Do note that we've discovered a bug with our trial system, so no trials for the next few hours. We plan to have it fixed later today, and you can sign up to be alerted on our site when the trial becomes available.
@bzg0515 Well looks like they're all gone. 😒
@bzg0515 i always miss out, especially on this one being a Coherence user for some time. ;-) thanks for posting them though!

'wish the developers all the best for their planned updates.


Safari-derived SSB's


No zoom. Links do not open in web browsers.

Liked the idea of webkit based rather than Chronium but unfortunately lacking a bit. "Try app" on web site is a promise to email link within 24h. Once I tried it out it created first app fine but as soon as trying to launch the app "Unite error: Sorry, your trial has expired".
Hey @jacoblo , we only discovered the build release did this an hour before launch, which is why there’s no official trial yet. It should hopefully be available sometime today.
@bzg0515 Unfortunately already uninstall :/
@jacoblo Just so you and everyone else knows, a free trial is now available on our site.
I love it when wrappers say native..