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What do people think of typedesk?

The community submitted 71 reviews to tell us what they like about typedesk, what typedesk can do better, and more.
What do you think about typedesk?
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71 Reviews
Great product for using on our workflow
Michel Vermeulen
Thanks Fernando!! :) Feel free to get in touch with us to share how typedesk is helping you :)

Jose Paul Martin
8 reviews
Got in early, and have been seeing the improvements made over time. Doing a great job!

Dora Nguyen


A great tool that has greatly improved my work productivity

Valery Tsurkan
I love life.
Work plan. Recruitment of workers. Building project.

Steven 👾
Helping people work smarter, not harder.
7 reviews
Typedesk is an innovative TextExpander alternative that I use daily. Can’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait until it’s available on iOS! Highly recommend.

Theo Pistorius
Founder of 4 SA biz's. Pls no cryptos
10 reviews
I absolutely love typedesk, and use it for a bunch of canned (and less canned, to be honest) responses, including a regular report I need to create for a client (cheating? No. Optimising it and just filling the numbers and name in [and a bit of random boilerplate] for a weekly report? YES!). Now enhanced with ChatGPT? Sign me up! I've been an avid recommender of Typedesk in my businesses for a while now. @michel_vermeulen and his team just gave me even more reason to move all my teams over.

KC Wong
KC Wong
CEO, iZen Digital Media Marketing Agency
22 reviews
Typedesk is a fantastic productivity and time-saving app! Been using it since 2021! Can't wait to try the enhanced AI integration with ChatGPT. To the moon!

Ronnie Sharpe
3 reviews
My entire team uses Typedesk from sales to legal to project management. It's incredibly easy to use and saves us so much time. I've actually started saving ChatGPT prompts that I like for quick access using Typedesk as well 🙌🏼

David Suescun
Hi! My name is David Suescun
2 reviews
Typesk is absolutely brilliant! It's one of the products/services i use more on my day to day, and it makes my work a lot easier. Definitely recommend people check it out (plus the new GTP feature looks very promising)

Duy Nguyen
App junkie
4 reviews
I love love love Typedesk. With this new update, we can use Typedesk directly for simple 1-step prompts. This would be great for generating email responses, title/metadescriptions generator etc. I can already think of some awesome use cases!