Unite 3 for macOS

Turn websites into apps and change the way you use your Mac

#5 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2019
Unite 3 allows you to turn any website into an app on your Mac. With the lightweight Unite 3 browser, you can customize your app to feel more native.
Just a few of the 100+ new fixes/features this year:
- Ad blocking
- Intelligent Whitelisting
- Compact apps
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Hello Hunters! We're incredibly excited to be launching Unite 3 today, our biggest launch yet. This year's update includes dramatic stability improvements and hundreds of enhancements and additions. These include things like Intelligent Whitelisting, which automatically sets up a whitelist for you when you create your app without you having to set a thing - Compact apps, which bring phone experiences to the desktop - and ad blocking. We hope you like it as much as we do! Please let me know what you think and what you want to see in the future. I've included a few free licenses for the first few hunters. 464A167F-C468C3CB-C71BFEBD-25D0FBAB-CCFCD0A4 A3E83659-FB1376A0-8F49DE71-F7D8BF1D-B484FB4C 53A40DAB-F96B6FFB-396CC868-CF1D295B-0F0A839A D13E31C8-405DDF84-6D9FB7F4-325173CA-997C8A52 DF3D92FD-005A4E36-F67B0785-BBDFE3C9-C1104641 Additionally, today only, Product Hunt users can get Unite 3 for just $9.99 using the code ProductHunt Thanks again for taking a look!
@bzg0515 Just tried all of the licenses one by one and they have been all used already :(
@bzg0515 downloaded unite 3, went to purchase and pay via PayPal but it completed the purchase before I was able to enter a discount code.
@cydeswype1 Hi Ian, There is an option to add a discount code on the Paddle interface below the icon before the PayPal page. The discount code ended a number of days ago. If you'd like to make changes to your order please contact us via the site.
@bzg0515 Gotcha. I don't mind paying full price because Unite 2 was a favorite product of mine and this v3 is a HUGE step forward in the UX. MUCH easier to use. I know I can do most of the same things using https://github.com/jiahaog/nativ... but I think the ease-of-use you've added in Unite is well worth $20. Thanks!
Congrats @bzg0515 :) However, after trying to use multiple Google accounts (Personal and Work account), the app will open another tab. Nothing wrong with that, but it's just that if you had a way to switch account without open separate tab, plus shortcuts (*winkwink*), that would make me insta buy Unite 3 :) These are just my 2 cents, but hey, what do I know? 💁‍♂️ Again, congrats on the release 👍
@lpzilva Noted, will try to look into this, thank you for trying!
@bzg0515 Thank you. I'd love an update if you manage to do this. Keep me posted 👍
LOVE this! Congrats on the launch!
Missed the free codes! But congrats on this solid release! Testing out the trial and it's much better for me from Unite 2 even.
Hey @bzg0515, is there a way to override right clicks for apps that present a custom right click context menu? Say for example, open a link in a new tab for Notion (which has a custom context menu on right-click). Thank you!
Hello, Congratz :) I have a simple question, besides Whitelisting and Ad blocking... What are the main differences between Unite 3 & Nativefier? Nativefier is an opensource project. Why should I buy Unite 3? :) https://github.com/jiahaog/nativ...
@kuray_ogun Nativefier only allows you to host the site in an app window. As you said, whitelisting and ad blocking are major differences, but also things like status bar mode, various window modes, user styles and scripts, user agents, regular updates and support, and major customizability abilities make Unite a far different product.