Uber Elevate

The future of on-demand urban air transportation by UBER


Uber Elevate is on-demand, urban air transportation. Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft will bring far-reaching changes to our cities and our lives—quicker daily commutes, less traffic congestion, and cleaner air around the world. Uber Elevate has already started exploring the barriers we’ll need to overcome to make this a reality.

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product designer, Fevo

Why don't we develop high-speed railway like Europe and Asia? which can save energy and serve more people.


1. faster


1. block the sky

2. focus on high-end market

There are plans in Texas to do this, but I have a feeling that landowners will kill this project. http://www.texascentral.com/
Principal, Serial Marketer
Uber focused on the high-end market first, and then launched UberX which is usually cheaper than cabs.
We can not do high end rails because we are too late to market. By the time we build the infrastructures (which would cost trillions of dollars) the technology will be out of date (because of VTOL and such). We also have billions of dollars in broken roads, crumbling bridges, and other traditional infrastructure that needs to be fixed. No one is willing to spend this money to fix existing infrastructure, let alone invest in new infrastructure. There is also low consumer demand of trains. I live in Chicago where people drive + take trains and public transit. If we lived in a society where EVERYONE took public transit (like Japan, Europe, etc where they have high speed rails) then the cost is worth it. It's unfortunate that high-speed rail is not viable in America, hopefully technology such as this will close costs for long distance travel.
Because it's not so luxury as aircrafts lol
Car advanced composite, nanotech
Great comment , we want to go fast , or new generation want to go fast as eletronics do usually ................but take care , TESLA cars is in BIG DIFFICULTIES , finish to dream ......they get more money from investor than what they are relly able to do......... A flying car is 100 times difficult , I build Ferrari F40-F50...:Bugatti EB110 ........................till Lambo Reventon , Veneno , Sesto Elemento and now Centenario.........working for Agusta Helicopters, Aermacchi and Dragon Fly (little 2 place helicopters...)......I have a question : Does Uber want to fly electric?????????????? They will do all in house as Tesla??? No partnership with a top payer of helicopters or aircraft ???? Why same projects , 20 years old are still not for sale ? Uber crazily want to do it in 2 years , because they has ZERO experiences in developing a new vehicle who has to fly and land ...........100 times more complicated than a urban car.......and off course has to be self drive , You looks on Your side everyday how the peoples drive their cars?????? You feel safe with these peoples driving a flying car under Your houses ?hahahah What is sure is who new generation in crowfounfing can give than 10 Bilion $ in advance ............................but experince isn't for sale , ..........if want to make that flying taxi full electric will need 10 years ! One day I please think about and get information in the materials specification of what is used inside of batteries ...............who produce EV has to sign who end of life battery will be collected from them and recycled (not in tahiland trued in the sea as big vassels).....recycled properly ! They never do it because have to close all plant right now , immediately ..........recycling will destry all profits and will produce debts ......... De Tomaso cars in Italy produced a prototype of a EV city car in the '60...........still working .......and on this modern just more tecnology or new engines but 70% of the tecnology is same .............( ops now You have a big screan , touch screan who make all You crazy loving the car........... Before be influenced from this famous peoples of the Valley , study and serch information on vantages and disadvantages.......... Sorry for my bad english !!!!!!!!!!!! cesare

I so much hope I'll have that flying machine before I die!


1/ no more traffic jams

2/ flying is super cool


1/ one can't just stop and go out

2/ there will deaths before it becomes really safe


I think you should focus A LOT on security...because I can't help but to think about bad people having access to this...please be careful Uber!!!





MD, Family Practice in Los Ángeles, CL

The cities of other countries (nor USA), don’t have yet the problems of the “fist world”, but we enjoy the tecnology of the XXI century. We have smarter movility, comunication and protection. But, in somehow, we still live in the 1900, with our families and friends even closer that we have they in recent past. This lucky we have, it’s nothing but TIME, time to us, time to do that we love most. It’s this time that the people of the great cities love but expend it in movilization. In that point, the smaller and “third world” cities are more advance, making the infractusture more eficient and human. Probably the problem of all is size. Probably the future cities will be smaller settlements that have it all in a more efficient space: vertical farms, internet services, virtual malls, etc.


It really how UBER is doing this, in parnetship, with commitment and, for over all, in concordante with their company‘s Mision/Vision


UBER can make this even more participative when they incluide cities and citizen of other countries. We also have something to say

Yoram Harth MD

The "boring" idea is better.


Nothing for people transportation in cities. Possibly useful for emergency medical help and remote countryside.


Just imagine dozens and hundreds of huge drones hovering over your head hiding the sky. It's worse than a nightmare.

CEO, Low.la

Gliding systems from zeppelins is the way of solving this problem.

UBER and everyone else that will trying to commute utilizing freely autonomous propellered system will fail due to inability to control millions of flying vehicles over dense urban area, such as NYC


Its a step in the right direction


But it is not the right way to solve this problem