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What is Ava?
Ava provides 450M deaf or hard-of-hearing people instant captions to follow any conversation and be included. Use Ava when meeting new people, one-on-one or in groups, for meetings or informal conversations with colleagues at work or when attending a lecture. Ava is the perfect companion to make your conversations accessible.

Ava tech stack

We're aware of 15 technologies that Ava is built with. Ava utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

Recent launches

Ava Closed Captions
Lack of captions on many online meetings & videos exclude everyday 450M deaf & hard-of-hearing people, and COVID19 just made this worse.
Ava Closed Captions empowers them to add lightning fast & accurate captions to any online video & meeting.
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Ava empowers 400m deaf & hard-of-hearing people to 24/7 accessible conversations with their hearing peers.

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