New for front-end & mobile engineering skills testing

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Alexis Ohanian
@alexisohanian · Co-founder, Reddit & Initialized Capital
The Triplebyte team has thought more about the fine details of how to evaluate engineering skills and making the hiring process more efficient than anyone I know. If you’re a front end or mobile engineering specialist, try out their new background blind programming quiz and interviews.
Howie Liu
@howietl · Cofounder, CEO @ Airtable
Nice work Harj, Ammon and team!
Joshua Gunning
@joshua_gunning · CEO, Pinguin
This is awesome! Great job guys. Curious (might be a dumb question with an easy answer), how do you confirm it is, in fact, the person taking the quiz that they say it is? Live recording?
Timothée Le Borgne
@tim_lb · Product @ Tribe / CEO @ NomadCast
Hey! Congrats @luckwi buddy :)
@parlin · Prod dev
Good job @harjeet and team! Will pass it on, cheers