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The Triplebyte team has thought more about the fine details of how to evaluate engineering skills and making the hiring process more efficient than anyone I know. If you’re a front end or mobile engineering specialist, try out their new background blind programming quiz and interviews.
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Nice work Harj, Ammon and team!
This is awesome! Great job guys. Curious (might be a dumb question with an easy answer), how do you confirm it is, in fact, the person taking the quiz that they say it is? Live recording?
@joshua_gunning Thanks! We don't live record the quiz but the next step after the quiz is completing one of our technical interviews. This is done over Google Hangouts with another engineer so they'd know if you're the one writing code and solving the problems.
@harjeet very cool! Makes sense. I assume as you scale, you plan to automate a majority of this? Using facial recognition to confirm user while completing quiz among other tools to verify seem like a great next step. Excited to see where you guys go with this! Great product/service.
Hey Harj, its Zak. Congrats on expanding to more test types and growing Triplebyte. I noticed a couple of bugs, one when I tried to test as a remote interview contractor from your hackernews link, which forced me to have to create another account and had to take the test twice, which you probably don't allow nor would take kindly to. Another bug, which was logging in with my original "aged" ~4 months old account, wouldn't let me select a test track to take. I'll email you and forward to support@ with steps to duplicate said bugs. It sounds like you all are doing awesome. :) Best, -Zak
nice work Bec!