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What is Snipd?
Listen to podcasts with AI-generated transcripts and chapters. Highlight your favorite moments in 1 click, incl. summaries and transcripts, and export them to Readwise, Notion, & co. Discover new moments by listening to short highlights from the community.
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Recent launches

AI Notes For Podcasts
Create notes from your favorite podcasts in a few taps! Hear something interesting? Tap your headphones & our AI saves that moment w. transcript and generates a title & takeaways. After finishing the podcast, our AI summarizes your key insights in an email.
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Snipd Podcast Summaries
Snipd is an AI-native podcast player built to discover and save the best ideas in podcasts. Today, we're launching AI-generated audio & text summaries of full podcast episodes, starting with all episodes of the Lex Fridman Podcast.
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