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The "Ultimate Guide to Remote Work" was very interesting and well-written so I am happy to see a new ebook from the Zapier Team. I Downloaded it to read it on my Kindle to learn more about Customer Support.
Lead author of the book here. This book was written over the past months with content and tips from a number of our team members, along with stories from other startups' support teams, and includes roundups of the the best customer support apps, tips on handling tricky support issues, ways to make your documentation and proactive support better, and more. And, it's part of our series of books, where we've already dug into CRM apps, email marketing, forms & surveys, remote work, and more in the Zapier Learning Center. If you follow the Zapier blog, you might notice that the books are written piecemeal via blog posts, then turned into a book with our own book-style CMS and via Leanpub to make ePub/PDF/MOBI copies of the book. Here's more details about our writing process: https://zapier.com/blog/how-to-p.... We're already working on our next books, too ... got any app topics you'd like to see us cover?
Downloaded to my Galaxy Note 4! Being in the customer support industry, I'm definitely excited to read this :)
@jackplantin Glad to hear it! Offering the best possible support experience for our customers is core to our identity at Zapier. We hope that the book can help others learn from our experience (and mistakes!)
Downloading to my iPhone, can't wait to read this!
Not enough folks pay attention to this critical piece of their business thank you and well done