The Hangover Drink

Say goodbye to hangovers


Sisun Lee
@sisunlee · Product Manager, Facebook
Thanks for the love, Ameet! Hi everyone, The Hangover Drink is a side project born out of my frustration for hangovers. I’ve been a pm at uber/fb, and balancing productive work with social life became challenging. So I made a trip to Korea, where it leads the world in hangover research, to develop the formula behind The Hangover Drink. It contains all-nat… See more
Wilhem Pujar
@wilhempujar · CEO at Stacktical, the Scalomancist
Don't fix hangovers, fix alcohol in startups :)
SF Ali
@sfali789 · PH's resident cheerleader (80K+ upvotes)
Your boy doesn't even drink (#MuslimProblems) but I'm amazed by the "scratch your own itch" source of this idea and the science behind your proposed formulation's metabolism. Great landing page design, concept, and the free samples are bound to make this an instant sold out smash hit! Kudos @sisunlee!
Lisa Dziuba
@lisadziuba · Swift Learner & FlawlessApp.io Founder
I don't drink, but Hangover Drink looks like cool present to many my startup friends :)
Marc Crouch
@marccrouch · CEO, Firedrop.ai
Ibuprofen, aspirin and dehydration powder. Once before you pass out, and once before you wake up. Followed by a Full English breakfast. Sorted.