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What do people think of Magicflow?

The community submitted 35 reviews to tell us what they like about Magicflow, what Magicflow can do better, and more.
What do you think about Magicflow?
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35 Reviews
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My only hesitance in upvoting this is giving away the massive alpha I've gotten from MagicFlow since signing up as a beta tester. Couldn't be a bigger fan of this product and the team that has been GRINDING on this like no other. Congrats on the launch! Question: am I able to track my performance over time? i.e. If I wanted to see how my focus scores have improved over time. I'd like to be able to correlate this with the other optimizations I am testing.

Vishnu Krishnaprasad
1 review
Way too many bugs, can't sign in using Google, doesn't work on corporate mac.
Michael Jelly
Hey Vishnu! Never got reached out to by you, would have loved to help you figure out whatever bugs you were experiencing. I will say that unfortunately Magicflow doesn't work on corporate macs where you aren't able to give apps the permissions Magicflow needs. That's the case for all apps in this category, and in my opinion doesn't merit a 1 star review haha :(

Rwitesh Bera
6 reviews
Doesn't able to use. Failed to login while signing with Google.

Max Yampolsky

Founder & Leadership at One Click Crypto: AI + DeFi

80 reviews
Magicflow is an indispensable companion on your journey to peak performance. It acknowledges the role of sleep and exercise in productivity play in our overall performance, reminding us to prioritize restful sleep and regular physical activity.
Michael Jelly
Thanks Max! We're all just humans, our mind is so dependent on our body!

Bo Ogunlana
1 review
Love it. It keeps me accountable to my work. When I see the deep work piling up, I just want to do more and more. Thanks Michael and team. It's awesome.

Ryan Hutchinson
1 review
Great tool so far. Does not work well behind corporate VPNs.

Dave Jeffery
Founder of ToDesktop
26 reviews
Wow, you've made a ton of progress Mike. Congrats! Time tracking is usually a chore, but the idea of Magicflow ambiently doing it in the background and AI-driven post-session coaching seems super compelling. Must check this out!

Technical Content Manager
11 reviews
I've been on the lookout for such a tool for a long time now, and I'm glad to have finally found one! Congratulations on the big launch team @Magicflow! :) All the best with your launch!

James McKinven
Host of Indie Bites Podcast
22 reviews
Congrats on the launch, Mike! If theres anything that helps me improve my productivity, it's knowing where I'm spending my time. Love how you break it down in Magicflow 🔥

Building the Pinterest of Code!
4 reviews
As somebody who cannot focus, Magicflow has been a Godsend. Exactly what I needed to minimize distractions and help me get work done. Cannot recommend this enough!