The Expert Guide to Remote Sales Calls

Maximize your success with remote video conferencing

If you want to be effective at remote sales, mastering video conferencing is a MUST. This free guide shows you step-by-step how to maximize the success of your remote video calls.
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In light of the current pandemic, a lot of teams are having to adjust their approach to sales. The folks at Close have been closing deals remotely for years. Lots of good tips in here to set you up for remote sales success.
Want to close deals on video calls? We made this guide for you. At Close, we've not just been conducting sales conversations on video calls ourselves, but we've also helped sales teams around the world get better on video. I've seen sales people make the same mistakes over and over again—it's costing them revenue, it's wasting their prospects' valuable time, and it's time to stop it. Adapt your sales approach to the medium—in this book, we've gathered some of our most actionable and practical advice on video calls for sales people, and we're giving it away for free. As always, I love to hear from you! If you read the book and have questions or comments, let me know!
@steli Checked out your website and think this is really awesome content. I recently launched a tool for improving remote meetings that facilitates some of the tips you talk about. I've gotten feedback that it works well for customer-facing sales calls to keep things structured and documented. Would you mind checking it out and possibly adding it to your list of remote tools on your microsite?
@krgraver Thanks, passing this on to my team!
Great for anyone who's in Saas, making virtual presentations. Helped me immensely!
@guinwhite Glad this was of value!