Tailor Brands

AI logo maker and brand builder

Tailor Brands is an easy-to-use automated logo design and brand building service. The company’s logo maker uses AI and pairs it with an expansive template library to create unique and effective designs in a matter of minutes. With over 15 branding tools at your fingertips Tailor Brands will become your personal branding agency.

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14 Reviews5.0/5

Love this website. The results don't always look good, but for the majority of people they will be great. It's a fantastic option for someone looking for a quick, simple, logo. If it gets better and better over time it will become a really great option for more people.


Beautiful website. Easy to use. Some pretty good designs.


Not a ton of diversity in results.

If you don't check tailor's options before looking for a graphic designer, you are doing it wrong.

Tailor is faster, cheaper, and shows you designs before you pay - unlike human professional.


Cheap, fast, looks great


Some designs aren't as brilliant as the majority

Hey everybody, I’m super excited to share my passion and vision on here! Thanks again @benln for hunting us, truly appreciated! My name is Yali, and I’m CEO & co-founder of Tailor Brands, an automated ML based branding agency. We are currently serving over 4M users worldwide. We created Tailor Brands to help entrepreneurs and small business owners design effective branding at a minimal cost while requiring no previous knowledge. The idea came to me when I was working for BBDO and I noticed a large discrepancy in the equation of time versus quality. Looking at the smaller players in the marketplace, I realized there was no way for them to compete with the larger, more established corporations out there. I wanted to give these entrepreneurs a chance to succeed and really fulfill their vision. So how does this actually work? Our proprietary AI design engine serves users high-level questions to determine their design preferences. After this process is completed, our algorithm generates a few logo samples, from which users can choose the most fitting to their business & further personalize With membership, users receive additional assets to complete their branding identity, as well as ongoing services to automate their work and make it easier. These services include social posts, Facebook ads, social covers, a personalized landing page, business cards & more. All of which completely automated. You can try out the logo generator design process for free (if you like it, happy to give you all 25% off with code: phunt25). While we have a lot of people using the platform would love to have the PH community feedback and learn what we can do better. Looking forward to making better brands with you, let us know what you think!
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Looks pretty slick
@thomas_tomhawk_burningham Such a great post to know different useful information.

Tailor Brands provides a great branding tools and beatiful logo designs.

You can create your own branding suite in less than 5 minnutes


Awesome barnding tools and beautifull designs