Hackable file manager and organizer, supporting easy tagging

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Elizabeth S Hunker
I really like this - but I want it in a cloud - connected to all my clouds - but... somehow secure - and not just my hard drive. @ilianste
@elizabethhunker thank you for your feedback. The whole think about @tagspaces is to have a nice app for local management of your files. We envision some nice user interface, common form cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but for your local files, on all platforms. If you need some of your files and folder in a given cloud service, just sync them there. Because TagSpaces is "just" a file and folder manager, you can choose whatever cloud service you want. For example you can sync you works documents with Microsoft's OneDrive and you private folders with Google Drive. But locally you have TagSpaces as a interface to your files.
@elizabethhunker @tagspaces @ilianste but then how do I sync my tagspaces data from one machine to another? Say I have all of my files in Dropbox. And this Dropbox is synced to one laptop and one desktop. Now I use tagspaces on both machines for managing my files and folders. Can I sync the tagspaces metadata between both machines? If yes, how?
@elizabethhunker @ilianste @kapad The metadata is synced automatically by dropbox or the cloud sync of your choice. TagSpaces uses only plain files and/or the filenames for saving such metadata.