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Reflect was ranked at #2 Bootstrapped & Crowdfunded for 2022
#2 Bootstrapped & Crowdfunded Product of the Year
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What is Reflect?
Reflect is a note-taking tool designed to mirror the way your brain works. We're simple, speedy, secure, and, dare we say it, quite pleasing on the eye.

Reflect tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that Reflect is built with. Reflect utilizes products like Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

Recent launches

Reflect AI Search
Reflect has implemented a new advanced search with the help of AI. It allows you to search your notes semantically without needing the exact words. You can chat with your own notes like a personal assistant, and use filters to narrow down the information.
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Reflect AI
We have created a new way for you to use OpenAI's GPT3 in your notes. You can use it to summarize articles, make your writing better, write emails, tweets, suggest article titles, and more.
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