Google’s in-house incubator Area 120 introduced a new work-tracking tool, Tables, which aims to make tracking projects more efficient using automation
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Michael YoffeTroubled Code Artist
@matthew_munger That was my first thought exactly. It's funny how usually when choosing a tool you would go for the bigger company since it usually means long term stability, but with Google it's the other way around.
Mike ReinaVP of Product @ Therabyte Inc.
@matthew_munger I can actually see this sticking around for a while. Usually products/services that Google kills are either repackaged or integrated into an existing one.
Sreekanth PMAn Entrepreneur
@matthew_munger Absolutely. Except Search and some tools like tensor flow, can you show a single product which was not a copy cat by google? Answer is a big no. Starting from gmail which copied yahoo list goes on growing like anything. They just make a copy of anything that is done by their same level competitors and try to force customers to use it. In 2 years if they think it will not work they will ditch it.
@matthew_munger cuándo llega a Sudamérica, especialmente a Chile? 🙏
Bill FrenchConsultant, developer, data science
@matthew_munger I agree. Unlike many other “experiments” by the GOOG this is the first launched with a paid tier. 11 of 20 clients I shared this with opted for the paid tier. That and the no-code climate pegging products like Airtable at north of $2.685b post-money suggests gTables will stick. If they get just one subscriber per G-Suite account, it’s about $1b annually. No one kills a product that is likely to generate a billion dollars next year. Feel free to rub my nose in these words in 24 months if I’m wrong.
Matthew E. PorterHusband, Father, Geek, Ultrarunner
I look forward to building a dependency upon this and having it be abandoned.
Artur Mkrtchyan
Co-Founder/CTO of Softr
Is this the Airtable competitor :) ?
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
@arturmkrtchyan Yes, its drawing comparisons to Airtable's Marketplace that launched last week along with Airtable's funding news.
Tomi GeloWorking on @quarantify
@arturmkrtchyan has also a bit of a Notion vibe
Juan Magaña TejeiraAlways multitasking manager
When can we Europeans use it?
Why would you give up your privacy for this when there are a lot of good alternatives that are also free and don’t sell your data?
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