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Congrats to the Sunsama team on the launch! Very well timed with today being the day Sunrise is officially shutting down 😊 β€” teams (and yourself) should give Sunsama a try πŸ“…βœ¨
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@nivo0o0 really excited to be hunted and share what we've built. looking forward to learning from the PH community!
@nivo0o0 yeah now every time I consider a new calendar I think to myself, I wonder if they'll just sell out and shutdown. High five sunrise. Oh wait, they probably aren't listening they probably are on a beach somewhere slurping mojitos. πŸ’©πŸ˜‘ admittedly true of everything, not just calendars. Shorts, I'm looking at you.
@bsmartt13 @nivo0o0 I'm sure they'll be on the beach soon but for now it looks they're hard at work bringing sunrise's principles to Outlook!
One sun sets and another rises...
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@jackdweck πŸŒ…βœŠ
@nivo0o0 @jackdweck it turns out when you're building a calendar having the word "sun" in your name is the go to move :D
Hey ProductHunt! It's been a long few months! Travis, Mike, and I started building Sunsama in January, launched our private beta in April and are now thrilled to share it with all of you. It's also exciting that today is the day that Sunrise shuts down! We think your calendar can be so much more than a personal productivity tool that tells you where to go and who to meet. We built Sunsama for you and your team to work better together. That means Sunsama is there to help you get the most out of every meeting, and stay on top of all your action items. You might be wondering what a "calendar for teams" is! - Calendars are more than little blocks. We want to help you get the most out of the time you spend working with your colleagues. - You already have meetings. We want to help you structure them, document them and follow up on them from the most natural place possible i.e. your calendar! - Meetings are where we figure out what we need to do. That's why we've deeply integrated tasks into your calendar. Thanks to Niv for hunting us :) And thanks to everyone who helped us build Sunsama while we were in private beta. Anyone who signs up via PH can join our private Slack community and help us build the calendar for serious work they've always wanted, look forward to learning from all of you!
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@thepriyadarshy What's the difference between Sunsama that you launched in March 2015 (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) and this version in August 2016?
@stinhambo They were two totally different products! The first thing we built (with the same name) was a social network for scheduling. Imagine LinkedIn but every profile was linked to a calendar and let you find mutual available times.
@thepriyadarshy Ah ok, for some reason, @producthunt updates the images on the original product which makes it hard to compare. There should be a sunset section of Product Hunt!
Our team has been using Sunsama for a while now. It's fantastic for the team meetings.
Is Sunsama the kid of Sunrise and Asana?