Stripe: Relay

Let customers buy products directly within other mobile apps

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Love when Stripe launches something because you just know that a sexy product page is coming with it.
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@codysanfilippo I was thinking the same exact thing when I heard about this. Stripe just does it right, all the time.
@codysanfilippo always in awe of that sexy css animations!
This will be really fantastic when Instagram and Pinterest are on board.
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@blendahtom anything is possible if you just believe
It's already being used by Warby Parker. Pretty cool!
@jadlimcaco Thanks for sharing this. Wow that is awesome how simple it is.
Will it be possible to use apple pay to checkout?
@conradd If an application that uses Relay chooses to offer Apple Pay via Stripe, Apple Pay will be available to all customers where Apple Pay is available.
This is pretty amazing @patrickc & @deveshsenapati. Exciting where this will go.