Stripe Issuing

Create, control, and distribute physical or virtual cards

Stripe Issuing is a new toolkit to help you quickly create, control, and distribute physical or virtual cards.

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Stripe continues to expand to all thing money-related. What's next? A startup venture fund? 🤔
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@rrhoover Atlas probably gives them great insight into teams anyway
Hi, Product Hunt! We're super excited to bring Stripe Issuing to you. We've got the entire Issuing team ready to answer questions about the product or even Issuing in general. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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@lachygroom How does Stripe handle physical card fraud from the Issuer's perspective?
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@lachygroom What's the eta on release? I've been hoping to get my invite since the first announcement. We've been a loyal Stripe user almost from the beginning 😃
@lachygroom I have made an application about 3 weeks ago and not much response at all. How can I actively get a response with some kind of time line?
What countries/currencies are currently supported?
This looks fantastic. Congrats to the team. We can't wait to try it out.
This is huge! I can think of so many use cases for this.
@parkeragee what are just a few use cases?
@parkeragee @916decker (Not to pitch us completely, but...) We're using it for employee perks to avoid the clunky reimbursement process, but also plan on using it for tenant and membership rewards. For example, we're working with an apartment complex to give free HBO/Netflix/Hulu to their tenants. Right now the process for them is a tenant prints off a bank statement, highlights these three line items, gives it to the front desk, the front desk has to go in to their system and add the discount for next month's rent... With something like this they could give each tenant a Zestful card and set that it only works on HBO/Netflix/Hulu. We're working with co-working spaces for a similar feature set (perks for tenants). Other quick examples: - Lyft/Uber could give it to their drivers to use ONLY at car washes each month. Postmates/GrubHub could probably use it in similar ways for their delivery folks. - Universities using it for their students across campus and local vendors. - School districts using it for school teachers to pay for supplies and field trips. - Families using it for their kids as an allowance card (giving them the ability to customize where they can use the card, and up to how much).
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@parkeragee @916decker @matvogels Maybe I am about to say something very stupid but... The HBO/Netflix and bla bla bla would be easily handleable with gift cards no? Why going to the extreme of having people printing stuff or, even with stripe cards, having to change the card on their profile?
@francesco_bellanca it’s a great question, and the first thought I had too. The main reasons are that with gift cards they would need to buy them all up front, which is an expensive endeavor (1000 tenants, $30/mo, for a full year, is $360k). This is a hard pill to swallow because they don’t know if EVERYONE is going to take advantage of it. This model allows them to pay as they go (eg when tenants use their credit) Tenants are also all on different leases, so would you just get gift cards for each of them individually to match the term of their lease? Buy a bunch every month and hand them out in the lobby? The logistics of buying 3 different gift cards on an ongoing basis for hundreds of tenants is really hard... It’s also not an enjoyable experience for the tenants themselves, that now have to continually add a gift card in, where this option allows them to add their Zestful card on file and just forget about it.