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#4 Product of the WeekJanuary 05, 2017

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A facelift for the Stripe Dashboard! We've also refined navigation and made a dedicated place for notifications.
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@edwinwee congrats on the launch! Always waited for a dashboard facelift.
@edwinwee Very nice and clean. One quick feedback - Tabs under connect at the top could be prominent or use a background. Almost missed it and had to look for it.
@edwinwee Thats one nice looking dashboard
@edwinwee Nice refresh!, wish the main container could be wider than 960px so that the graphs in the 2 column layout could be wider on the main view.
@edwinwee This looks great, but for the love of god please expose an API for stats so that we can build our own dashboards! Stripe's #1 missing feature compared to competitors is lack of reporting API
Stripe's designers always give me design envy... Love it
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An amazing job! I am going to love logging into this each day! A+ Design.
Hats off the to the designers! Not only the dashboard, the entire site looks very cool
Long time coming—it definitely makes things nicer to get around. Nice work!