Stripe Atlas for LLCs

Founders can now use Stripe Atlas to form an LLC!

#3 Product of the WeekApril 30, 2018

Founders can now use Stripe Atlas to form an LLC. The Stripe Atlas LLC has been designed to maximize flexibility for technology founders.

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Frad Lee
Nicholas Xu
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  • 🕹️ Ray Angel
    🕹️ Ray AngelStartup Enthusiast

    Fast program


    Silicon Valley Bank

    The guys at Stripe Atlas were amazing to get everything setup for a C-Corp in the past. I imagine the LLC offering will be just as great.

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Paul Jarvis
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
For non-americans, what are the differences in terms of benefits/drawback for an LLC vs CCORP?
Csaba Kissi
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@pjrvs I'm really interested too.
Taylor Francis
Taylor FrancisMaker@taylorfrancis
@pjrvs @csaba_kissi Founders from around the world can use Stripe Atlas to form an LLC or a C Corporation. It's up to you to figure out which entity is right for you. One consideration that is quite relevant for members of an LLC who live outside the U.S. or are not U.S. citizens is taxation. Owning an LLC can expose non-U.S. owners to very complicated tax situations. Non-U.S. members may be subject to US _personal_ income taxes on the company's income. Some non-US founders choose to form C Corporations because the _company_ is taxed on the company's income. More on this here: This gets complicated fast, so we recommend folks chat with a lawyer or accountant to dig into the details of what's right for them.
Richard Graham
Richard Graham@richard_graham · Founder, GetinHere
@pjrvs @csaba_kissi @taylorfrancis as an accountant I will be able to help advise you on tax minimisation.
Subhanjan Sarkar
Subhanjan Sarkar@subhanjan_sarkar · Founder of SalesBridge and PitchLink
@richard_graham How does one get in touch with you?
Taylor Francis
Taylor FrancisMaker@taylorfrancis
Hi, Product Hunt - We're super excited to bring Stripe Atlas for LLCs to you. We've got the entire Atlas for LLC team ready to answer questions about the product or even LLCs in general. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Taha ahmed khan
Taha ahmed khan @tahaqadri · Maker at
Great, next make our dream come true: EU VAT MOSS handled by Stripe.
Ronald Langeveld
Ronald Langeveld@ronald · I just wanna surf
Please launch in South Africa ❤️. Would make life for us Indie Founders so much easier. We don't have decent payment processors in SA 😭.
Jacques van Heerden
Jacques van Heerden@jacquesvh · Retired Media Entrepreneur/Investor
@ronald you'll still be looking at a 7day roll on funds availability which PayPal does offer, but yes, I agree that SA needs bigger players in the space. — Sidenote, saw you enjoyed the barrels in my hometown(Jbay).
Ronald Langeveld
Ronald Langeveld@ronald · I just wanna surf
@jacquesvh Yes that's exactly what I'm dealing with at the moment... Paypal is linked to my FNB account. :)
LeandroPro@leandro8209 · Co-founder, Unubo
Highly recommend Stripe Atlas. Used them for C Corp, and service is impeccable. It took 1 week for everything to be done, including bank account. Very impressed!