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Stripe Atlas is a tool to handle everything involved in establishing an internet business, available to entrepreneurs everywhere. It's the easiest way to incorporate in the U.S. and setup a bank account.

The Product Hunt community has special instant access to Stripe Atlas—hit the website link above to get started right away.

  • Abhi Nayar
    Abhi NayarSenior @ Yale. Co-founder

    Easy Process, Great Communication, Cheap, Great Added Perks (AWS Credits),


    Need a slightly defined business model BEFORE you apply

    Stripe Atlas was a godsend.

    My startup, tonebase, incorporated using Stripe Atlas. It was both easier, faster and MUCH cheaper than using lawyers. Our lawyers were quoting upwards of a few thousand dollars to file the incorporation forms whereas Stripe Atlas was just $500 + some other small fees.

    In addition they give you AWS credits and some other perks (that I don't particularly remember). Stripe also provides some really awesome documents courtesy of their legal partner that really walk you through the options you have regarding equity splitting, C-corp benefits, and all sorts of legal items most people are ignorant to.

    I HIGHLY recommend Stripe Atlas for any startup, individual or company. Honestly the idea of starting a company is daunting WITHOUT the legal hassle, and Stripe makes it stupid simple.

    Easy, fast application (the actual forms, etc.), great communicative team, relatively fast EIN numbers and paperwork/forms, and perhaps best of all $10,000 in AWS credits (which we have yet to scratch the surface of).

    If there was ONE negative it would be that Stripe really does ask you to describe your business in detail. When we applied for incorporation our business model was in flux - subscription platform, FFS platform, etc. we weren't really sure. This caused a delay and some small amount of tension BUT it was honestly really helpful for US. My advice if you are in a similar situation would be to just pick a very straightforward, simple business model when you apply and then of course (like any good startup lol) pivot.

    The reason they do this is for reporting/tax reasons (or so they say) which seems understandable and reasonable. Overall Stripe Atlas is AMAZING and I would highly highly recommend it.

  • Ferenc Brachmann
    Ferenc BrachmannI help digital marketers win on mobile.

    Everithing :)


    Maybe consider moving the post incorporation legal package offered by into Atlas itself.

    On my behalf of our entire team at Beeem I can only say positive thigs. Support feels like it's always on, you get answers to all of your questions pretty fast even during the process. Everithing was figured out by the time I encountered any challenges, like mailing the company credit card to us (as it by default can not be mailed outside the US).

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Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
WTF! Does Stripe has the world best designers. Every page could win an Awwwward. Very Dope🚬🚬🚬🚬
Fred Rivett
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@dredurr Agree the design is nice. That said, if you're watching Stripe peeps, your carousel scroll rate is faster than any human has ever been known to read. Small detail, but quite a frustrating UX either way.
Layal Jebran
Layal Jebran@ipr1ncess · CEO & Co-Founder at Moubarmij, Inc.
@fredrivett @dredurr agreed. I'm always fascinated by their pages!!!
Mark Zajac
Mark Zajac@zajacm · Peek my curiosity and be rewarded!
@dredurr Wonderful design for sure ~ kinda wondering if they forgot about the title ~ just stripe. Ooops.
Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · No-coder 👉
EDIT: Product Hunters who hit the GET IT link, get to skip the queue and get into Stripe Atlas straight away!!! Stripe Atlas is back! It released a pre-launch last year with over 3.5k upvotes! Updates include now allowing US peeps sign up! A wealth of knowledge, resources and tools. And as all Stripe products, the pages look slick AF. I went through the process of it all (although i wasnt setting everything up) a few weeks ago so its awesome to see the update! PLUS we have @patio11 on for a LIVE tomorrow!! Sign Up Here
Patrick McKenzie
Patrick McKenzieMakerHiring@patio11 · I work on Atlas at Stripe
@bentossell Looking forward to seeing you all there!
Mac Connolly
Mac Connolly@macconnollyco · Co-Founder / CEO, Agentless
@bentossell @patio11 Still seems restricted to me? Tried to sign up and was told that I'd get an email within two weeks with their decision. Thoughts?
Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · No-coder 👉
@macconnollyco @patio11 yeh you're right, it is still request access but they get back really quick... what I meant was that last time the people allowed in was very limited. Request access though, its worth it!
Louis Galipeau
Louis Galipeau@muloka · Product Manager / DJ
@macconnollyco @bentossell @patio11 As a test I filled out the form from Bermuda last year and they got back to me pretty quickly. Hoping to get a local Bermuda charity signed up to it soon to facilitate local fundraising efforts.
Edwin Wee
Edwin WeeMakerHiring@edwinwee · chief millennial officer @ stripe
We're making it even easier to start an internet business with Stripe Atlas: faster access to your bank account, more ways to get invited, open to U.S. entrepreneurs, and a forum for founders. Let us know if you have any questions, or if you're thinking of getting started!
Adham Badr
Adham Badr@adhambad
@edwinwee looks amazing! not doing the annoying investor thing but because we were just about to use Clerky before seeing Atlas, next to the the network whats the main differentiator ?
Edwin Wee
Edwin WeeMakerHiring@edwinwee · chief millennial officer @ stripe
@adhambad Atlas is focused on making it easy to start an internet business: along with incorporation and a Tax ID, you'll get a business bank account with SVB (and can request a US debit card too), a Stripe account so you can start accepting payments around the world, up to $15,000 in AWS credits, and access to legal and tax advice.
Analytify@wpanalytify · Analytify LLC
@edwinwee @adhambad Can we have PayPal based on SVB Bank account ?
Sebastian Dobrincu
Sebastian Dobrincu@sebyddd · Serial Entrepreneur. I turn💡 into 💰
Just started our Atlas journey 4 days ago with Really excited to see how it goes! So far I'm pretty impressed.
ASMRbar@asmrbar · ASMRbar
@sebyddd Oh your website looks amazing! Just signed up and waiting :)
Sebastian Dobrincu
Sebastian Dobrincu@sebyddd · Serial Entrepreneur. I turn💡 into 💰
@asmrbar Happy to hear that! If you want to speed that up, drop me an email: sebastian at storyheap dot com. 🤗
ASMRbar@asmrbar · ASMRbar
@sebyddd Thanks so much! :D
Collin Hartigan
Collin Hartigan@collinhartigan · Technical Design Lead @mach49
@sebyddd Really clean design on the site. Good work.
Victor Bustillos
Victor Bustillos@vabustillos
@sebyddd Where are you guys located?. Amazing site. Gives inspiration as to what is possible with an online business. Greetings from Mexico :D.
Kevin Natanzon
Kevin Natanzon@kevinnatanzon · Founder, Beta Labs
Amazing how much time/energy/money they've saved us! We've had an awesome experience establishing our company in the U.S. with them. Thank you!