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Hey ProductHunt! We're super excited to announce our first Android app and a revamped iOS app for Streak. Right now, our apps are great for quickly viewing details of a deal and making quick updates. We're starting to invest quite a bit into mobile so you'll see a lot of updates coming soon. We think there are some very specific use cases that only make sense on mobile that we're really excited to share soon. As always, we love feedback, let us know how we can improve!
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@aloo Congrats on the revamped mobile launch! We love Streak and we're excited to give the new mobile versions a spin :)
@aloo Awesome news, been waiting for this for a long time :)
@petnostics thanks! let us know if you have any feedback!
@aloo Awesome!! I love Streak. This is the best pipeline management tool I have found that works with my current workflow, all within the Gmail interface. Thanks!
@aloo @callmedpit Me too. This is a dream come true! Streak just gets better and better.
Been using Streak for years - glad to see an improved iOS app!
@maxelman lots more on the iOS front to come!
We are in a midsize industrial manufacturer and my sales team uses streak everyday. This product has probably increase sales 20 to 25% and has allowed my Salesforce to travel the country and always know what's going on with every deal and opportunity. As a sales manager I have a great top-level view of everything that's going on with all of our open projects from the opportunity to production.
Oh man, I absolutely love Streak! I've used it in a few different orgs, but right now I use it for easy onboarding flow of new contributors, tracking PR contacts, and tracking article progress. Can't wait to check out the app.
I love using Streak. The fact that I do not need to leave gmail to track my work is awesome. It is really well designed. I was up and running with it in about thirty minutes. I am hooked!