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@bramk I'm starting next.
Seems that some of the most popular stash/stack type sites are not included on this site? Also - I feel like a stash site it one of the easiest types someone can make - I know there are wordpress templates out there too. What does stashes allow someone to do that is next level?
@bentossell Hi Ben, this isn't a "stash of stashes" but rather a "build your own stash" platform. Although I suppose a stash of stash sites is rather obligatory...πŸ˜‰ I personally love the way links are added on Outside of creating Stashes, discovering resources curated by others is also a big part of The discovery system could be improved - at the moment it is mostly through featured stashes on the front page and recommendations when browsing. It's much easier than creating an entire WP site, something I feel not everyone may want to do, especially if your stash is of a more niche topic.
@kohjingyu but the sections are 'featured stashes' and 'newest stashes' ... ha I think it is a site of stashes
@bentossell @kohjingyu Definitely a "DIY Stash" rather than a "Stash Stash"
@rossdcurrie I'll leave the "Stash Stash" to you if you ever finish πŸ˜‰
@bentossell @kohjingyu Who's gonna build a stash of stashes of stashes site :)
Hello everyone! A lot of stash/stack sites have been popping up lately. These sites are mostly directory sites that hosts curated lists of great resources. I love the idea of these "stashes" and find that they are a great way to discover and organize resources and links. I built as a way to allow any user to easily start their own stash, to allow them an easy way to organize and share resources for any topic. Stashes on can also be set as "public" stashes, meaning that you can allow other users to add to and improve your stash. I hope that in the future, we will be able to view and improve these comprehensive directories of information. It's super simple to add items and create your own stash: With so many of these stashes popping up, it also became hard to keep track of them. I hope that will allow users to easily discover resources and resource lists for any topic they may be interested in. Thanks for checking out, and do let me know if you have any questions! P.S. - Thanks a lot @eric for hunting!
@scottruona Sweet collection! Thanks Scott πŸ™‚
I have already tried a earlier version and think @kohjingyu is on point with his service. We have lists over lists spread around all the web but barely a place to go to browse random projects of a specific topic while being able to contribute in a easy way. Kudos on this service, seeing forward to many awesome stashes :)