Startup with Google is a new site that brings together all the company’s resources for founders and their startups.

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I wish they branded this "Kool-Aid".
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@chrismessina Underrated comment of the year goes to... 😂
@chrismessina HAHAHHAA i laught out loud in the office reading this
I appreciate any kind of tool concerning startups. It's mostly pretty useful. Thanks for it.
This is interesting. Great resource for makers Dope 🚬🚬
@dredurr Seems like it's limited to Google products though, so not that good a resource. For instance, the monetization tab suggests Google Play, Admob and Google Payment API, when I'd imagine most online startups would need something like Stripe.
@dredurr @benkingntu To be fair, I did discover some services I didn't know google offers. This is basically a marketing site for their apps that relate to startups. Seems smart.
Usually, when I started a production project, I usually had the problem of choosing the right Adobe product to go forward with. This one is a smart classification by Google. I wish Adobe had come up with a similar idea soon enough.
They do have a comprehensive suite of things, some of them awesome, others downright useless. Would be great to have some editorialization around pros/cons or when this tool in the suite would be right for someone.