Startup Framework 2.0 is a tool that allows you to create a beautiful and responsive website in under 60 minutes.

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Hi guys, We launched Startup Framework 2.0, looking forward to hear your feedback, also we'd like to give 20% discount for all Producthunerts use code "producthunt" at the checkout.
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@edoam "producthunt" discount doesn't work right now(
Standard question> Why this and not e.g. Squarespace? For what sort of projects is this one better suited? Thank you.
@josefrichter Hi Josef, they are two different products, Startup Framework is a HTML Framework which means you can download the source code and use in many different ways, you can use it with WP if you have enough coding skills you can use with other CMS, our main audience is freelance developers/designers and small agencies, basically they are buying our product and making website for their clients.
@edoam what will we get as export, html/css/javascipt files or ready to use Wordpress theme with sample data (pages/posts)?
@levashovbiz html/css it's front end framework
Tested it and didn't feel like Jean Grey 3/10 Joking guys, great work.
Very nicely produced video!
Big fan of DesignModo. It looks incredible Dope🚬🚬