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206 Reviews
Hrant Davtyan
Founder @ Anania
6 reviews
I learn about the Unicorn Platform from PH. Used it to create a webpage for our own product. Got #1 product of the day. Still using Unicorn Platform. Certainly the fastest way to ship a webpage for MVP. Highly recommend.

Rashika Ahuja

Founder & Leadership at ProApp - Learn Design

15 reviews
It is so immersive, and I liked the overall experience.

Ranjit Ghoshal
Founder Millionsteps.com
5 reviews
@alexanderisora YAAAAAAAAAY!!! Congratulations! From day one, this has always been a product that really has moved forward with great thought and insight to the customers pain points! So many cheers for this launch!

Ainur Sayapow
Enterpreneuer Developer NewThings Lover
1 review
Your Landing Page builder is absolutely amazing. AI generated content provides huge possibility to give text writings to text model which often can be useful. As a frontend developer I specifically like how AI can arrange some blocks and change text easuly in whole section. It seems like a lot of work has been done. Cool, this is my verdict

Making Subo, the Survey Bot
2 reviews
Subo.ai's website is built on the UP. UP did everything I needed as a non-technical co-founder, and my technical co-founder has not even touched it.

Spencer Pauly
2 reviews
I’ve loved my time with unicorn platform. Started with just 1 landing page on there and it’s grown to 5 larger websites now. This is essentially squarespace for tech and they ride the line between ease-of-use and feature-complete incredibly well.

Sidi jeddou
Creator of floatui.com
1 review
I have to admit this platform is the best, I will use it in every landing page I want to create in seconds.

Brian Ouellette (Founder)
Referrals on autopilot.
2 reviews
Super simple to run and manage. Screaming fast and high performance online. We've tested endless providers. This one, so far, is the fastest. Elite support team. Highly recommend.

Samuel Lui
Digital marketer...always learning
1 review
I've been with Unicorn Platform pretty much near the beginning. I have seen the product/platform grow leaps and bounds and continues to be supported by Alex and his team. More importantly, the platform continues to evolve. I've purchased a number of tools where the developer has abandoned the platform and started something else. Super frustrating. I love using the platform as a prototyping tool to help convey ideas and usable to clients because it is easy and fast. Great product and great support!

Abraham Burnett
1 review
It’s affordable, easy to use, effective. Support is top-notch. Since launching our business Unicorn Platform has been part of our stack, and I expect it to remain so mostly because it’s flexible and capable and cost-effective. Highly recommended!