The color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch.

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Cat Noone
@imcatnoone · Founder & CEO, Iris
Hey everyone! Pumped to be featured on Product Hunt. We built Stark, the color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch. Our goal in doing so is to help designers start thinking about and executing on designing with accessibility in mind from the very beginning of the product building process. Providing them with the tool(s) to determine whether or no… See more
Michael Fouquet
@_fookay · Design Team Lead, Hudl
Hello everyone! I helped Cat and Benedikt put together this plugin and I thought I'd drop in to give a little insight as to how it works. The colorblindness simulation grabs a high quality “snapshot” of your design and applies an established algorithm to give you the best possible representation of what someone with CVD sees. It works by changing the RGB va… See more
Fred Carlsen
@sjelfull · Web developer at Bakken & Bæck
So good!
Sam McAllister
@sammcallister · CEO, Stem Watches
This is awesome well done!
@tnsrig · UI/UX @travelplanet24 @airtickets_gr
@imcatnoone Excellent !