A better way to install apps on your website

Stackpile allows you to install apps, tags and integrations on your website in seconds and track analytics using a unified API.
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Hey all, my name is Herman and I'm the maker of StackPile (thanks @kwdinc for hunting!). I started building StackPile a couple of months ago when I needed a quick and simple solution to try 3rd party apps in a few sites I was building at the time. Up until then I was using Segment (which is awesome btw), but for some of the sites the high traffic would mean the bill could be huge. Also, some of the requirements meant that a solution like Google Tag Manager might not be the best. For example, I wanted to have an easy way of hot swapping analytics tools without having to implement each API (like Segment allows). For this I added a Unified Analytics API to StackPile that allows you to implement methods like track and identify once and be done with it. StackPile also gave me an opportunity to experiment with rendering javascript via Laravel's Blade templating engine (works like a charm btw.). I've been using it personally for the past month on a couple of sites, including one high traffic site without any issues. Would love to hear what you guys think about StackPile, looking forward to your questions and suggestions. There is also a special offer for Product Hunters who sign up before end of April 2016. Cheers! Edit: Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, both here and offline. I've just added a site checker so you can easily see if your installed apps are supported currently: Some examples:
@hermanschutte Thanks for the Segment love ! It's amazing to see other enter this market and make tracking and tool integration a better experience
Whoever made this - I've spotted a typo "Choose a plan to suite your business". This should be "Choose a plan to suit your business". Other than that, it's a great idea and I can't wait to try it out.
@grooveplex thanks for spotting! Just fixed that.
@hermanschutte great! Glad I could help. I really love the logo
@grooveplex thanks! Graphic design is not my forte, but was pretty impressed with myself :)
Can you tell me how is this different from Google Tag Manager?
@amvlad Hi Alin! There are definitely a lot of similarities between StackPile and Google Tag Manager, but some of the key differences are the ability for StackPile to update your installed apps to the latest versions (if you choose), the amount of out-of-the-box apps we currently support as well as the Unified Analytics API that allows you to send tracking events and identify your users in multiple apps (Heap, Mixpanel, GA, Kissmetrics, etc.) without having to implement each API separately.
Definitely solving a pain, just not sure it's a 10 bucks a month pain...
@kachchani Hi Yassine! Thanks for the feedback. Any features you think would make it worth it for you?
I personally think that an open source version should exist for those who wanna run it on their own master servers so the request is faster
@noxowe Cool idea. Also could maybe look at creating a white label version that can be self hosted.