Remote Interviews for Professional Podcasters 🎙️✨🎙️

The SquadCast platform was designed for total ease of use to connect podcast hosts, co-hosts and guests with no installs, plugins or extensions required all recorded in studio quality.

  • Pros: 

    Easily record multiple tracks with no drift. No login required for guests. No plugin. Audio is backed up.


    Firefox and mobile support missing at the moment. But that’s nitpicking.

    Been using it since October and it has changed my workflow process. Editing takes WAY less time than it used to. Audio sounds so much cleaner than it used to.

    Jonathan Bloom has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Love being able to see my guests while recording separate WAV tracks! I know that the progressive upload feature will be a lifesaver!


    Some of my guests don't have Chrome and we've had to use other platforms. I prefer SquadCast, but sometimes it's not an option. :-(

    I started using SquadCast in Fall of 2018 and haven't looked back. I no longer have to fight with audio drift issues in post-production. The library is super easy to navigate to find older recordings that I forgot to download immediately. These guys have made many improvements in the short amount of time I've been with them. And they LISTEN to what users are saying! Beyond podcast interviews, I've also used it to record sales calls. :-)

    Jennifer Longworth has used this product for one year.
Ahoy PH, Zach from SquadCast here. The goal of the platform is to alleviate anxiety for podcasters and help them feel empowered while recording remote interviews that sound great. The idea was born out of our own struggles trying to create a fiction podcast with our team scattered across California. SquadCast provides a reliable remote interviewing platform where the only thing hosts and guests need to do is show up, and hit record. 🎙️ Join me in a demo session anytime after 11am pst 👉 https://squadcast.page.link/eSAB 💸 Use promo code PRODUCTHUNT to get 50% off your first month
I LOVE SquadCast and had I known it wasn’t on PH I would have hunted it. Grrrrrr. It’s dope for reliable high quality audio for remote interviews. Perfect for podcasters. Great customer support team. They even have a customer only Facebook group. How passionate the founders are is awesome. And such such good people.
Thanks @espreedevora ! We'll for sure coordinate our next launch with you 😉
Own it and love it. If your a zencastr user cancel that services like yesterday. Been podcasting for three years and this is on a level of its own. The support is amazing. Their employees come and help in live time in the interview room. The UI is fantastic and they are engaged with their customers. Not sure if anyone even works for zencastr haha. Anyways much love to squadcast!
😎 Thank you @ritzfit1 !!
I am thrilled to tell everyone how fantastic Squadcast is in every area. The customer service support surpasses any company on the market. On a Sunday morning, one of the founders jumped on a recording to help work out the hiccup. Yes, I just said on a Sunday morning, no other company would do such a gesture. I am impressed beyond words.
@scrappymompi Had the same on Thursday and Friday evenings.
🍨with SquadCast lol Thanks @scrappymompi !
@jonathanbloom we appreciate the opportunity to help!
I had an old interview in the can that I did before I started using Squadcast on the School of Podcasting. I had to tweak and tweak as it just sounded muffled. Then I remembered, "Ah yes, I did this before I used Squadcast. I always have a backup and one day my guest had a hiccup on the internet so they had that weird "ge ka bu ma si" thing going on where half their words are missing. That was on my backup. The squadcast recording (recorded locally) was perfect. The best money you can spend.
@davejackson ah the art of storytelling. Thank you so much for sharing