Group video chats with friends, by musical.ly

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Hmmm... Very interesting, there has been a lot of conversations in this area lately. I'm intrigued to try it out. The onboarding felt a little rough and the permission ask was aggressive, but that's an easy fix. Excited to see where this goes. Music.ly is crazy popular with youths... If you want add me Username: as_austin (I also don't even know if you can add someone by username... Never told me. Maybe this link: https://quick.app.link/NyMncuWfRz NOTE: It's always on in the background unless I kill it... weirdly
Following Facebook's recent , the hugely popular musical.ly launches a Houseparty competitor. This is the third app musical.ly's launched (Musical.ly proper and live.ly came first). Interesting to see them expand to different social experiences, becoming a platform of sorts.
@rrhoover Very different route to growth from Snap. Two great product teams, going at it a different way.
@rrhoover poor Meerkat, everytime they launch something, everyone else comes along and squashes it.
@markaudiowave @rrhoover I think this is far from "squashing" it but it's definitely aligned well but the ease of using as on Musical.ly's other platforms is definitely not on Squad yet.
this app copycat like houseparty!