Add music and sound effects to your videos is a mobile application with the help of which you can make awesome funny and creative videos and share them with your friends or to the world. With it, you can add some music and synchronize your dance moves or singing to your favorite songs, even to some movie dialogues.

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1 Review5.0/5
Amazing how fast this one exploded. Some awesome early community and content.
@mazzeo They're doing some really smart things by amplifying network effects and gamification (great video themes via hashtags, top 50 leaderboard, top videos for each song, ability to see all videos for a song and record a video with that song--all from the feed, extra features for Instagram engagement, great share sheet after posting a video, etc.). They took a great concept that dubsmash and mindie had and put a great network behind it, and it looks to be paying off big time.
@mazzeo @rrhoover did you see this one? It's like Mindie, but popular. The ftux is awesome too.
@shaanvp @mazzeo I haven't tried it yet. I'm a long-time Mindie fan though.
@rrhoover @shaanvp @mazzeo You should definitely try it :)
I can't believe this only got 64 Upvotes, all my daughters friends using it.
Anyone knows who made this?
@brownkuns This was made by two former SAP employees.
@brownkuns this was made in China, in Shanghai to be specific. To me, it's a great example of the new wave of "China to world" startups. It's a new form of communication unlike Vine, gifs, photos, and standard video clips (due to the licensed music) with fairly intuitive content creation UX. So it was the ideal way to make a piece of content like this:
So proud of my son's first in-game ankle breaker, I made a video on Musicaly.
Most exciting music tech & all around app that I've seen for awhile. So fun.