Live video streaming by is your personal TV channel. For you, for your friends and for your fans from

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1 Review1.0/5 has blown up in the past year, recently rumored to be raising $100m at a half a unicorn valuation. Interesting to see them expand to their second app already. Here's a video overview of the app with TechCrunch's @katie_roof.
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@rrhoover @katie_roof Saw two teens spend the entire flight beside me making videos on Musically. Super small sample size, but the engagement seems high!
@realsimonburns I'm sure you loved after that flight ha ha
@rrhoover @katie_roof seems like there is some integration between & Doesn't appear to be a pure standalone service, i.e. periscope / twitter
I have tried this app and ran some tests. It seems that when you start a stream, they inject bots and increase the count so that you feel good that people are watching you. I have done tests with multiple friends and their accounts too. All new accounts and we just keep gaining viewers but no engagement. I feel like it is wrong to lie to your users and gives a false sense of... achievement? But yea. We all deleted it once we realized they just bot your stream.
@car2nr02 kind of like the last episode of Silicon Valley πŸ˜„ fake users somewhere in India
Any explanation as to why neither this app nor itself has been optimized for the iPhone 6/6+ size screens yet? It's been almost 2 years...
It's still in wait list mode.
@thetylerhayes hook us up, @bullshitting? πŸ™
The link for the Play store goes to is that the same as
@delwilliams edit: there isn't an android link anymore
@delwilliams All of the screenshots after the first are also for which is another product
@jbschaff @_gordee @delwilliams Good spot. Improper Android link caused auto-upload of those pics. Fixed :)