Spotify Fresh Finds

Like Hype Machine, but inside Spotify

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Looks sweet, although nothing tops Discover Weekly.
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Looks exactly like Hypem in that Spotify are profiting off other people's hard work. Even worse, Spotify aren't providing the blogs or music outlets with any credit for these discoveries.
@ausonio Edit: Confusion resolved.
@gmgrimley I'm referencing the following quote from their blog: "By combining early online buzz across blogs and music news sites with billions of listening hours on Spotify, we can identify anonymous listening patterns around fans that already listen to more up and coming music" and referring specifically to the "blogs and music news sites", not artists. New artists aren't discovered through Spotify, their potential is simply validated. Hypem might be a bloodsucking leech but at least they credit the blogs and websites they use to power their site. Where are the trackbacks, references, or credits from Spotify? There are people putting in serious hours to listen to and unearth new talent without pay and Spotify are essentially stealing the fruits of their labour without giving anything back.
@ausonio That makes more sense - I didn't read the blog. (Sidenote: I would definitely argue that new artists can in fact be discovered through Spotify. Sites such as CDBaby and RouteNote make getting on Spotify super simple as an artist. An artist with one song can get on Spotify in less than 2 weeks.) So I see that you edited your comment, so I can't totally clear up the previous confusion. I definitely see your point in the lack of credit. They should make an effort to display the "blogs" they frequent to get this information.
@gmgrimley As per my response to @ColeMercer's comment, I would agree with you that it's very easily to be on Spotify these days and there are more and more artists who host their music across all online platforms. I believe my other argument still stands though, how do people discover new artists in Spotify? Bear in mind that I'm talking cutting/bleeding edge discovery here. Unless it's through features like Discover Weekly or the Viral Charts there is no real way to browse through and find new artists within Spotify. Without the help of influencers, music blogs, or media outlets, it's unlikely that new artists can generate the amount of plays necessary to be considered by the above algorithms. I would also argue that SoundCloud remains the #1 music source that these influencers use to discover those artists. Apologies for the edit, I could see my original comment didn't have the right amount of context to explain my thoughts.
@ausonio I guess I would say that, for my own entertainment and to generate a little bit of content for my recording studio's website, I "discover" new artists daily on Spotify. Artists with 0-100 followers, all songs <1000 plays. This _does_ depend up on Spotify's Related Artist lists (not totally sure what computations or algorithms go into that), but I believe they're being discovered from nothing. We put them into a playlist and tweet about them, so then maybe 1 or 2 more people hear them... As for your argument that SoundCloud remains #1, I cannot combat, nor do I disagree per se. I just prefer discovering via Spotify so that the artists can get a tiny kickback for my plays. (<$.007/play, I believe).
wish they had fresh finds per music category (eg hip hop, jazz...). as is i would not use it
@loris yes and no. I see no jazz for eg
@ourielohayon yeah, this is called "fresh finds" for a reason
It's such a hack to just make this a playlist people can add to their catalogue. I understood it for "Discovery Weekly", but I was expecting Spotify to double down on it's successes and give it a proper place in the app. Seems like they're content just letting these features live as playlists...
I've been really enjoying these, especially the "Cyclone" one, well done!