Space Grey Accessories, from Apple

Keyboard, mouse, and trackpad in the best color ⌨️


Apple's most favorite accessories are now here in space grey. Innovation.

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Art Director. Lorenzo Design Company

OK nice...and?


Good design.


Stupid money.

Chester Software

It is a bit ridiculuous to pay such a price for accessories


Stylish and convenient


Price !!!

Founder of Product Hunt 🥇

The mouse is a fine example of Apple blindly relying on their "less is more" design principle. It's not very functional, it doesn't look good, and doesn't work very well. But it is very basic an minimalist -- if that is even a positive think anymore after 20 years of minimalism design at all costs at all times.


Keyboard looks good


Mouse is ugly, and too minimalist.

Front-End Engineer / Product Designer
If you’re saying that Magic Mouse isn’t funtional you’re never used it to the extent when you start realizing how good is it: any direction scrolling, swipes, good battery, ... what else do you need? Tho the ugliest thing about Magic Mouse is its charging port. The keyboard with the numpad on the right is cancer.
Founder, Jewelove

$300, seriously?


Minimal Design


Crazy expensive
Not a big fan of grey apple accessories most of apples products as of late seem overly mass produced and over profited not much else left to say. They only upgrade here and there with a new feature or two. Haven’t seen much improvement even in those smaller details. Nada. Pot que? No cause it’s just how apple is updating new user tech. Big data is having. A lot of tech problems when overly mass production is occurring for profit