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Hey PH, Since we launched 4 years ago, we have always been different than other CRMs by having a focus on sales communication. Today we're excited to launch SMS as a new communication channel in addition to our built-in calling and emailing. We didn't expect SMS to be a commonly requested feature, but it turns out many of our customers were already using SMS in their sales processes, and now we're excited to make that effortless. Announcement Post: Case Study: Pricing: We provide 100 SMS credits for FREE when you sign up for a trial. Customers on our calling plans get 1000 SMS credits free every month. Thanks to @wojcikstefan who did the bulk of the work on this project, and to Plivo for powering the telephony. Let us know if you have any questions!
@philfreo @wojcikstefan @steli We've had such great success with the SMS feature at HouseCall Pro. It's been exciting seeing our sales team have more meaningful connections & rapport with our prospects through SMS. For anyone who is using another CRM like Streak/Pipedrive/Velocify/Salesforce - take a look at Happy to chat about how we use it if you give me a call or have questions! (650-450-2400)
SMS is quite a useful addition to see as a feature in a CRM, especially one that already has built-in calling capabilities. I've always wondered why CRM tools don't add more prospect engagement related features. Nice work @philfreo and @wojcikstefan. Totally an awesome new reason for folks to try if they haven't already!
Great software in CRM market specially for international voice call. Now added SMS that will be amazing. And lastly I love @Steli efti sales speech.
This is amazing Steli. We've had the same learning about SMS. We think SMS is dead but for sales communication, SMS is still one of the most used channel. Mostly thought of as a one-way communication (notifications) to keep the prospect in the sale loop. Congrats!
@mohitmamoria 100% agreed. Some of our customers have already seen great success with this approach: 1. You call a prospect, qualify them, and schedule a demo. 2. You use the "Send Later" feature to send an SMS reminder 30 minutes before the demo. 3. You see significantly improved attendance rates.
Really excited to try this out. Our sales team text from Google Voice all the time and those end up being many of the most meaningful conversation they have with new prospects.