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Create, edit and keep static websites online. 🌟

#2 Product of the MonthDecember 2019
Slides is an online app that helps you create static websites. It will fit all kinds of projects thanks to customizable and ready-made modules. Hundreds of useful examples and integrations.
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This is the best if you want launch main and side projects with pristine HTML5 code and focus the freed up coding hours on design flow and content. Have been a user for 2,5 years so far and it keeps getting better. For example Google page speed ranking is a steady 90-100. There's about 100 slides to choose from, hopefully the team will release 20 more in the coming months now that the v5 platform is out.
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@juhslk Thank you for your review and support the Slides project during these years. We'll release more features in 2020 🤗
@andrianv sounds like a plan 💎💎💎
Very nice and polished product. A bit confused by the pricing though. As I currently only have one project in mind, I'm hesitant to take the plunge on a quarterly subscription. Have you considered offering pricing on a per-project basis?
@jim_silverman If you have just one project in mind, we recommend you to take advantage of the quarterly plan. We consider three months are enough to start and finish a project. We don't remove the projects after the expiration of the subscription, so you can always come back to your project.
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 We're happy to announce Slides 5 is here! 🎉This version comes with tons of new features and functionality. Our customers tested the new Slides for a month and were happy with the changes! So, today we are offering the public release. The most important additions to Slides 5 are noted below, and remember you can try it free. — ❓What's New? Everything about Slides is new with this release: the online app, design, functionality, page organization, settings, and more. 👉Details
  • Projects feature! Keep and maintain multiple pages in separate projects. Save pages online and continue working on them later.
  • Upload media content and edit the code (html/css/js) of slides and panels within the app.
  • Online code editor. Edit the code online with the new editor.
  • Export as a file or full project with a Ready-to-Upload file structure, also compatible with Static Pages.
  • Add meta tags and images for social networks; attach custom code in the <head> or/and <body>.
  • New design, new images, new default Inter font.
  • Typography classes are much easier to use.
  • Separated controls for attaching Scripts and Styles on the Body.
  • Fully synced to the code public Slides 5 Figma Document (sorry, no PS version this time).
  • New jQuery 3.4.1.
  • Night mode added for Generator view. 🌃
  • Flex Grid redesigned with a fixed gap in mind. All grids replaced with flex grids.
  • Reduced loading speed by removing deprecated styles and plugins. 🚀
  • Slides with video popups load faster than before with the new loading process.
  • Added shortcuts and improved the performance of the Code Editor.
  • And more... see the changelog for details. 🤗
💡Our Solution Slides is an online app that helps you create static websites. It will fit all kinds of projects thanks to customizable and ready-made modules and templates. 🤯 So simple? Yes! Don’t believe it? Watch this short video. 📝 Suggestions 🙏 We’d love to get some feedback and we're happy to answer questions! — Designmodo Team.
I've been using Slides for some time and it is simply the best tool for developers who like the design, but have only the coding knowledge. Very intuitive and simple tool.
@andrew_laurentiu Thank you very much for your review!
Very good
@fatima_el Thank you very much Fatima!