Slack Workflow Builder

The simple way to streamline tasks in Slack

With Workflow Builder, Slack users can easily create custom workflows that allow them to do all sorts of things, like:
❓ Standardize how requests are collected
⏰ Triage outages in real time
πŸ‘‹ Get new team members up to speed with welcome messages
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JasonDirector of Product Design at Foundry
Onboarding workflow is so useful. We have so many channels that require explanation. You can also pair workflows with Zapier's send message to channel integrations and the possibilities are endless. As an example, we have a workflow for requesting PTO that upon approval shoots a message to a specific channel with the person's name and dates. Zapier watches that channel and creates quick add events on our OOO Google Calendar. And you can have some fun with it too ✨
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! πŸ†
This is so cool! So many platforms are adding automation (like Asana ), but I love this onboarding example. This is the result of Slack's acquisition of @mbrevoort's Missions.